Vessels of Decay

Civilization has ended, and creatures old as time itself are slowly spreading decay and reclaiming lands they once roamed. Follow Mud on her fight against the decay, while exploring a beautiful world filled with peaceful mystery and Scandinavian melancholy. The adventure will visit havens still untouched by the decay. Regions still lush and sprawling of life, with animals that you can pet.

Mud will venture deep into the hotbed of decay to save our world, areas where deadly creatures roam free.

Vessels of Decay’s main selling point is to cater to your desire to experience lore rich, novel Scandinavian saga with fluid and intense combat.

Vessels of Decay have been in development since April of 2019 and started as a project in Simon Jackobsson’s free time and is now being developed by us with Simon. Planned release for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Nintendo Switch in December 2021.

Follow Simon on Twitter for updates, or become a part of our community by joining our discord.

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