Receiver 2

Receiver 2 is a first-person shooter developed in Unity game-engine, that funnels the player through dark lit corridors with possible threats looming around every corner. The goal of the game is to find and listen to audiotapes to ascend the ranks of an unnamed cult. Receiver 2 is a Rogue-like where death causes a de-rank, and there are many ways to die in Receiver 2. Operating the simulated handgun without care and deliberation makes you run the risk of being a victim of a negligent discharge. Receiver 2 simulates all the moving parts of the firearms. The ballistics of the game has the same level of detail, where the projectiles are at the cutting edge of technology in games.

The world in Receiver 2 is randomly generated from a set of tiles, all playthroughs are unique, which is a must in a Rouge-like.

The project is currently in development post-release.

Receiver 2 on steam

Receiver 2’s offical homepage

Wolfires games' offiocal homepage

Our contributions

  • Technical project management
  • Testing
  • Setup and management of build systems
  • Analytics
  • Custom shader implementation
  • A light system that culls unnecessary lights and removes light bleeds through walls.
  • Gamedesign
  • Been part of development for general gameplay design and design of enemies.
  • Helped to create large parts of the underlying system elements and engine.
  • VR development.
  • Localization
  • UI development
  • Achievement system
  • Save system
  • Developed helper tools for other developers part of the project.
  • Sounds programming using FMOD.
  • The tools we used for the project were Unity, FMOD, and Blender.