Overgrowth tells the tale of the ninja rabbit Turner, and his quest of freeing the enslaved rabbits. The story takes place in a world after the demise of humans, where some animals have turned anthropomorphic. The game is in third-person, with novel context-sensitive controls. The focus is on fluid and enticing fighting, Overgrowth is not about winning, it’s about performing the coolest fighting moves. Overgrowth takes place a few years after its predecessor Lugaru.

The game was developed in Wolfires game engine Phoenix. Wolfires' David Rosen gave a talk at GDC about how they solved the animations procedurally, creating a cost-effective technique.

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The game was released in 2017 after being in development since 2008. We joined the project in the autumn of 2015 and played a crucial role in the completion of the title and helped us foster the most meaningful relationship.

Overgrowth on Steam

Overgrowth’s offical page

Wolfires games' offical homepage

Our contributions

  • AI programming
  • Navmesh-system
  • Level editing tools
  • Script Engine
  • Debugging
  • Refactoring
  • OpenGL 3D Rendering
  • Asset management
  • Build systems
  • Porting and maintenance to Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Gameplay programming