We Are Blackdrop Interactive


Game development is one of the many complex programming tasks, where a deep understanding and curiosity of the underlying software and hardware is required. Coupling this with a passion for creating memorable experiences get you us, Blackdrop Interactive. You might not have heard about us, but you have most likely heard about projects we have been part of, Overgrowth being one of them.

Game developers have to be domain experts, and our domain is the entire computer. Making our expertise applicable in any project ranging from simulation, system development, and graphics programming to backend web development and beyond.

Need our help? Feel free to contact us - contact at blackdropinteractive dot com.

About us

We are a game development company located in southern Sweden. We have several years' experience in developing software with real-time performance demands. Our most notable work has been for Wolfire games' where we helped them develop both Receiver 2 and Overgrowth. We are still actively working on Receiver 2 as the game continues to receive updates post-launch.

Vessels of decay will be our first self-published title planned release in December 2021.

Where we are

Situated in, Karlskrona an old harbor city located in southern Sweden, known for its beautiful archipelago. Our office is part of campus Gräsvik, with Blekinge Institute of Technology, Telenor, and the ocean all being with a 5-minute walking distance. The Heart of Karlskrona is only 7- away by bus or 15 minutes by bike.