We Are Blackdrop Interactive


We are always interested in helping other game studios with engineering-related problems. We can help you with implementing single features for your game/engine or help you as contractors for the duration of your project.

Even if you only need one of our engineer’s time, you will get engagement from all of us, as we internally help each other with each other’s problems.

We normally bill our customers by the hour, but we are flexible with your wishes.

Interested in our help? Feel free to contact max.danielsson [at] blackdropinteractive dot com.

About us

We are a small indie game development studio located in southern Sweden. Our focus is centered around engineering-related problems in game development. We are engineers before programmers, even though most of our workday consists of programming.

We are very proud of our involvement in Wolfire games' Overgrowth and Receiver 2. Our contribution to these titles ranges from low-level engine development to gameplay programming and taking care of the build and publishing system. If you’re interested in the details of our work on Overgrowth and Receiver 2.

Do you want to be part of our team? Send an application to carl.soyseth [at] blackdropinteractive dot com.

Where we are

We are located in Karlskrona which is an old military harbor city located in southern Sweden, known for its beautiful archipelago. Our office is part of campus Gräsvik, with Blekinge Institute of Technology, Telenor, and the ocean all being within a 5-minute walking distance. The Heart of Karlskrona is only 7 minutes away by bus or 15 minutes on a bike.